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Guilty Pleasures   - Laurell K. Hamilton I absolutely love this book. This is what had me wander over to the Urban Fantasy genre (other than Anne Rice, which is a genre in itself).

Anita Blake is a "special" human who refuses to work with vampires, as she has a very black and white opinion of them. Her beliefs are challenged and then destroyed as she works to solve a case involving a vampire serial killer and save a master vampire and his human minion (who are both really hot).

The character development in this book is delicious, compared to many others in the genre. In one book, we're able to watch Anita Blake transform (albeit unwillingly) into a person slightly more tolerant of vampires. We see a "bad guy" who isn't all that bad, a baddie who is an epic villainess, a fellow vampire hunter who is exponentially more dangerous but caring, and a minion who finally learns to stand up for himself.

I had originally given this book 4 Stars, but I upped it to 5 after rereading it. The more I read, the more I understand the beauty in Laurell K. Hamilton's writing style. This is a GOOD book, even if you don't like the genre. I would recommend it to anyone who reads Urban Fantasy, Sci Fi-Fantasy, or just has an open mind in general.