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The Mage in Black - Jaye Wells Mage in Black is Jaye Wells’ sequel to her fantastic urban fantasy debut novel, Red-Headed Stepchild. Like its predecessor, it is fast-paced, funny, and hard to put down.

The novel opens with Sabina headed to NYC with Adam to meet the identical twin she recently discovered having, on the run from her grandmother and the Dominae after their betrayal. In typical Sabina fashion, she immediately lands in trouble and stays in that condition, setting up a great plot for the book. She is out of her element and back to square one in training, as she knows nothing of being a mage after living her entire life as a vampire.

Wells’ characters are well-developed and as realistic as the dark races can be, just as in the first book. The world-building and mythology in this series is fantastic, which gives depth to the characters’ believability. Sabina is still a fireball, as in the previous book, but she’s become a more complex protagonist by being forced to face another part of her heritage, which is well outside the scope of her comfort zone. Adam Lazarus is absent throughout most of the book, but there is definitely some heat sizzling between him and Sabina while he’s around. Of course, Giguhl (Sabina’s minion) is still running amok and playing an even bigger role in the story than RHSC. He is a great comic relief and one of the best parts of the Sabina Kane series. Wells introduces us to Maisie, Sabina’s twin sister. I won’t spoil, but I will say that she is everything that Sabina is not. There are some other mage characters adding to the fun, and someone from Sabina’s past comes along that may just be the main ingredient for a very interesting love triangle.

All-in-all, this was a very fun read and a great sequel. I look forward to reading the next book in the series, [b:Green-Eyed Demon|8850140|Green-Eyed Demon (Sabina Kane, #3)|Jaye Wells|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51m9iS3O1lL._SL75_.jpg|10617568].