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The Traitor's Daughter - Paula Brandon The Traitor’s Daughter by Paula Brandon is an adult fantasy that is also the author’s debut. It is filled with moral exercises, magic, impending doom, and a damsel in distress who is not one to wait around to be rescued. The book centers around the Belandor family (two branches) mainly, with some scenes focusing on their sworn enemy the Corvestri family, and Grix Orlazzu.

This book is completely different than anything that I’ve read before. The rules of the world are not immediately introduced and while it is annoying, it is understandable because magic doesn’t play a huge role in the story (at this time). There are two sets of antagonists, with one set being characters that I hate so much that I wish I was holding the pen so I could write them straight into the loving hands of the Spanish Inquisition. That is no small task for an author to make me feel so strongly about imaginary characters. The book is different in that there is a race of humanoid amphibians that do not get nearly the attention that they should – what fantasy novel these days doesn’t dwell on the non-humans?

Overall, it was an interesting read that I think anyone who loves hard-core fantasy and unique world-building will enjoy. (2.5 Stars)