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Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks Review originally posted on Bibliophilia, Please

Highlander Most Wanted is the second book in the Montgomerys & Armstrongs series by New York Times best-selling author Maya Banks. It picks up after the events of Never Seduce a Scot ( my review) at the McHugh stronghold/castle/keep. Each book can be a standalone, but I am glad that I read them in order.

While reading Highlander Most Wanted, I realized how important characters are in a novel. Nothing in the book that happened really surprised me, and there wasn't much in the way of world-building. I'm not saying this in a negative way - there's really not supposed to be in this historical romance and the writing was still good.. There was, however, these wonderful, charming, and complicated characters that I found myself really invested in. Want a big surprise? I usually avoid literary rape victims or situations at all cost. Want to know why? Too bad, that has nothing to do with the review. Anyway, Maya Banks handled Genevieve and her story in such a way that was not uncomfortable and believable (mostly). I think I read the book because I thought Genevieve deserved a man that would heal her and love her, and make her world right. I wanted her to be fixed. She was a broken woman would never gave up at any point, and I liked her.

The other characters in the novel did not draw me in quite as much, but I did enjoy reading them. Bowen Montgomery, the male protagonist, is a ladies' man who storms the McHugh keep with his brother and the kin of his sister-in-law. He is beguiled by the beautiful, scarred Genevieve and learns what it means to be in love. I loved watching him grow as a character because he acknowledged the way he made the women of his past feel and felt guilty. Let's be honest - he was a man-whore before, and it was sweet that he did not care that his lady was "used goods". (Why is there not more of this in the book world or anywhere?) So, he feels bad for his whoring and falls in love with a woman who needs to be loved. It really makes everything feel right with the world.

Taliesan McHugh played the part of "heroine's best friend", and she didn't really serve a lot of purpose in the book other than being really nice to Genevieve. I think the reason that we didn't get her back story or any kind of development is that this book is a part of a series, and Highland Ever After is coming out in September. (I'm not complaining.)

As I said before, the story was at the McHugh castle/keep/whatever with the characters hanging around while everyone figured out what would be done with the clan. The laird had hauled his biscuits, along with most of the supplies and warriors, and left the women, children, and the odd husband/father to their own devices. They were fairly awful people, and I think they were merely tools to show what a good person Genevieve was. (If you thought Eveline was treated badly in Never Seduce a Scot, just you wait.) There was fighting and bonding and banter and falling in love, and it was fun to read. The dialect still bothered me a bit, but I really think I'm mostly over the "tis" and "twas" thing.

To the point, and to wrap things up, Highlander Most Wanted is a really good book with appealing characters and a nice story. It is a historical romance novel, so there is sexytime (and much more than the first book). I think if you enjoy reading historical romance, this is not a book to pass up. I probably wouldn't have started reading this series on my own, but I will be continuing it.

To satisfy FTC guidelines, I am disclosing that I received a copy of the book from the publisher via TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. It has in no way affected the outcome. All opinions expressed are rambling, honest, and completely my own.