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Beyond the Grave  - Jude Watson, David Pittu In this installment of the 39 Clues series by Jude Watson, we find our main characters, Amy and Dan Cahill, in Egypt. They are racing against their relatives to find the clue hidden by Katherine Cahill, the founding member of the Ekaterina branch of the Cahill family. Amy and Dan not only face the danger of their perilous scavenger hunt, but also their doubts of Grace Cahill's (their grandmother) love for them. They meet a host of new characters that are just as exciting and conniving as the opposing Cahills, which are mostly absent in this book.

This is probably one of my favorite of the series, thus far, because it really explored the relationships between Grace and a few of her relatives. Of course, there is the ever-important Amy and Dan, but Irina Spasky also shares some of her Grace memories during her POV. It makes Irina a more three-dimensional character, and I like her so much more because of it. She has always been one of my favorite Cahill contenders (along with Alistair Oh), but now I'm dying to see more of her in future books to see how she turns out. This is a fun book to listen to, and I have already started The Black Circle.