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Creolé - Stephen Cosgrove, Robin James I grew up reading the Serendipity books by Stephen Cosgrove, and now I read them to my daughter. There is not one of them that I can say is not a favorite. They are a modern version of Aesop's Fables as they tell a short story that ends with a very important moral.

Creolé is the story of a big, ugly creature with warts on her hands and feet, a large beak, and knobby knees. Despite her outer appearance, she has a beautiful heart filled with love, joy, and happiness. The story focuses on her search for a friend to share her joy with, and then how her new friend stands up for her against the other animals in the swamp.

I really enjoy how Cosgrove simplifies (in a sense) the importance of not judging by outer appearance to a child's level. My daughter was in tears by how Creolé was treated by the other creatures because she has experienced teasing for the way she looks. I think the end wraps things up in such a way that children are hopeful that people will look past appearances, and see what is on the inside. This is a great book for the entire family to enjoy.