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Elven Star - Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis I love this book almost as much as I do Dragon Wing, the first book in the series. Where Dragon Wing had conspiring, betrayal, and adventures, Elven Star focuses on relationships and how the characters all interact with one other.

Two and a half families are focused upon in this book. There is the Quindiniar family of elves, the Redleaf humans, and Drugar the dwarf. The elven family is very wealthy (more so than even their queen) and deals in weapons. The Redleafs are smugglers who are buying Quindiniar weapons to sell to Drugar the dwarf. When all Hell breaks lose, they are all forced to work together to stay alive.

Haplo the Patryn, is also in this book and he faces more inner challenges than outer threats. He has to face one of his ghosts and face the fact that he is not perfect, but still mortal with mortal failings.

One of my all-time favorite characters is introduced in this book - Zifnab the wizard. There are some days that I can say that I like him better than Dumbledore or Gandalf. He is amazing. This book should be read for no other reason than to meet him.

Overall, this is a great fantasy adventure with a little bit of a love story. It wraps itself up nicely and fuels your hunger for the next book.