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One for the Money - Janet Evanovich I am not 100% sure why I never read this book. It may be my dislike of authors who pump out books left and right, which stems from my time working in a bookstore. I've learned to ignore that past prejudice as those authors are successful for a reason. I remember seeing shelves and shelves of Janet Evanovich books at the local bookstore chain I worked for, and I HATED these books. Thankfully, something made me decide to pick up "One for the Money".

Stephanie Plum is a down-on-her luck lingerie buyer who just lost her job. She has a dysfunctional family and is from a wacky neighborhood. The characters are relatable, hilarious, and impossible not to like - even the nasties. The book moves at a fast pace and it cannot be put down! I found myself laughing out loud at quite a few points in the book. I can't WAIT to read the next book in the series.