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Everneath - Brodi Ashton Through Everneath, Brodi Ashton reminds me why I love and read books. Some authors and books can take you into another reality and set you down in the middle of that alternate world. I have been to Narnia, Middle Earth, and many other literary realms thanks to magical books and their word-spinning writers. Now I have been to Park City and the Everneath through Ashton’s masterful storytelling.

Nikki Beckett only wanted to say goodbye. Instead of instantly choosing eternity with Cole, she buys six months on the Surface to be paid off by eternity in the Tunnels – a version of Hell. What she did not expect was to return was a mess that she left behind after her century of the Feed in the Everneath, which was only six months at home. Nikki’s father thinks that she has been on a drug binge, her ten-year-old brother is starving for normalcy, her best friend is distant, and her estranged boyfriend is the biggest mystery to her at all. To complicate her brief return further is Cole, who she gave her life up for initially to receive the numbness he offered.

It is hard for me to explain how I feel about this book. I understood and liked every one of the characters. They were fully formed, believable, well realized, and each of them flawed in some form or another. The story itself was like a vortex, sucking me in and stealing my entire day. It incorporated Greek and Egyptian mythology seamlessly into the story. It holds the perfect formula for escape into this beautiful and heartbreaking literary world. It is a story worth experiencing, but be sure that you have a time block to set aside for it, as it is impossible to put down.

4.5/5 Stars